Flat File Tool

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    I this Blog I will show simple way to Utilized cross application  SAP standard direct/batch programs for by export data from within Microsoft Excel to Flat text files in the required format by SAP programs

    as directed by SAP  help :”You can use the recording function to create a new  object (or a new “import method”) if neither a standard batch input program nor a standard direct  input program nor the BAPI/IDoc method is available for  a data object.”

    Download here excel VBA based spreadsheet (developed by Ziv Marcovich) which generates flat files ready to be uploaded to SAP Standard Direct/Batch Input programs ,The main advantage is the Usage in 1 Excel source file also for multi structures is can save development of designated ABAP programs which writes data to a sequential file in the format required by the ABAP programs.

    EXEMPLE :Test case Exemple – BOM create

    STEP 1 - Maintain  Logical File settings 
    Lets look at the BOM data migration exemple  - the fflat file should be placed in the Application server , therefore Goto Transaction FILE ( This step is required just for create BOM )



    Maintain in the Physical name : BOM_CREATE


    STEP 2 - Create  template - BOM Exemple   

     Create  template using structures (BGR00,BICSK,BICSP..)  – choose just the relevant fields .




    STEP 3 - Generate Flat File   



    STEP 4 – Upload the flat file to the application servere  


    STEP 5 – Run the SAP data migration program via SE38



    Example  : Create Material using direct input method