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SAP offers the use of IBIP supported objects from within the LSMW to support data transfer.
This abstract explore the “old” option to run transaction IBIP directly with pre made flat files that matches to the IBIP structures and hierarchy, the Excel IBIP tool can be used as an alternative to LSMW.
The IBIP tool I developed provide 2 options to upload data from excel to sap :
1 . Online – which connect to SAP via Classic RFC library  (librfc32.dll ) which  transfer excel data  to function module RFC_IBIP_BATCH_INPUT and return its result directly to the Excel , in this option you can use test upload
before real upload to SAP and also you can use the debug option will show IBIP BDC screen in the frontend.
2. Flat file  – which create flat file to be uploaded to the IBIP transaction the log result in kept in transaction IBIPA , this option is enable allowed to upload the flat files also to the application server so it will be possible
to use parallel processing of multi flat files which is necessary for high volume data upload


The Tool demo file includes Demo templates are available to Download here

Authorizations if your requirement is provide simple excel based tool for the end user for master data management and LSMW authorization in the PRD system is not an option

Simple – Use 1 Excel source file also for multi structures ,in the IBIP Tool there is no need to link between the files using key relations between the structures ( Using IDENT1 , IDENT2  etc..) as required by LSMW approach , The Flat file records are written to the flat file based on the location sequence of the structure in the Excel template.

Schedule runs at night Jobs – by splitting the flat file to several flat files we can use the IBIP program to upload the data in a schedule job which includes also the option to define in advance on which servers the scheduled jobs will be executed for load balancing purpose and also achieve “parallel processing” functionality which speed up data upload  , This approach is very helpful when dealing with mass master data  update , For exemple if several millions of records can be completed over night (depends on the number of servers in the PRD system ) using this approach  .

Exemples for such changes for Functional locations or equipments :

– Mass update class and characteristic
– Mass update of system profile
– Mass update of the Address data  ( using structure IBIPBDCD)

Templates examples

Exemple 1 :Create Equipment with user status
Exemple 2 :Create Equipment with class and characteristics
Exemple 3 :General Task list with  operation and assignment to maintenance packages

Pre requirement

  • Microsoft excel 2007- 2013
  • Macro enabled
  • internet connection – use for product validation


Variant 1 – Online IBIP Tool

1. Open the add in file


2 .Select IE01Create equipment in the transaction combo box

3. Select the IBIPEQUI  structure  in the data structure listbox










5. Double click the IBIPSTAT  structure which holds the user status data



Variant 2 – Flat File  IBIP Tool





The flat file will Automatically created ( stored in the temp folder )



    Upload the Flat File to the IBIP transaction


. Select  the created file from the flat file selected folder and press   in the IBIP transaction





        Multi Volume Data Upload ( Optional ) store the files in the Application server

Another alternative is to store the flat files at the application server which is mostly required  when the data migration duration takes
more then  several  hours and it is required to schedule the run at night (when system load is low) , in this case :

Goto sm51 select the required server


Goto to transaction CG3Z and upload the flat file to the current application serverCG3Z.png


3.Select the application server which the file was uploaded into  and select the Phys. file  and press on “Execute”




    Log Check : Transaction IBIPA

      Lets Check and confirm that the equipment 10006947 created is created with the “0005” status which as displayed in the excel row 4


We can see the result : the equipment 10006947 was created with user status “0005”


Exemple 2 IBIP Flat file : Equipment creation with class and characteristics

1 Goto transaction IBIP – press the information icon to see Structure hierarchy , So you can know which structures are required to your business scenario


3. Now –with the IBIP Tool Create  template using structures IBIPEQUI , IBIPCLAS  ,  IBIPFEAT

(Unhide row 1-2 to view selected structures and fields technical names)/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/exm_2_668258.png

4.Upload the Flat File to the IBIP transaction

5. Let’s Check and see that the equipment created 200860 was created with the required class and characteristics  per the data  in
the excel rows 4 -6

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